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  • naw i dont grow em on their side, just let em grow upwards towards the light. the pics i uploaded dont show my new flower room, but they do show my 100w hps in my cooltube, i pump the heat into my living room to keep us warm lol it looks funny but it works. i havent turned on my heat all winter!!!! anyways ya i love weed, ive been growing for years. i started young growing outdoors, but now in only smoke indoor weed, i only grow outdoor to make hash. ya, im in the middle of moving and building a new flower room, when its done im gonna put up pics for everyone, im putting alot of work into this one lol its nice to start from scratch lol my rooms get changed around every week, as i move plants i like to move lights so everything gets the most out of it. my hydro bill is getting a little out of control tho hahahahaha
    Hey G, just a quick hello before I have to feed my little one, hope all is well out in cyber land! Lol ttys
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