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  1. ThoseStrangeClouds

    lollipop kush

    Been workin on this strain for two years now. She's a babe. Comments welcome
  2. ThoseStrangeClouds

    Mjmama's Backyard Grow

    Garden looking lush :D keep it up mama
  3. ThoseStrangeClouds

    Hello Fellow Herbist!

    So its been a few since ive been on last but im in the harvest stage i flushed them for two weeks then the last two days i kept them on a 48hr night cycle and chop chop chop they went :harvest: im extremely impressed for my very first grow. i got pretty good weight and some stinky nice buds. im...
  4. ThoseStrangeClouds

    Hello Fellow Herbist!

    Rawrrrr took a deep breath and harvested early girl today :D the other two are gonna get 1 more week of flsuh then chop chop if they are ready :D Did a pretty good job and my first hand trim so im proud, she look like peek time and was stinking up a storm :D check her out:
  5. ThoseStrangeClouds

    Hello Fellow Herbist!

    the Hydro man gave me a bottle of some GoGnats. its slowley working so im happy :D
  6. ThoseStrangeClouds

    tricomes color???

    Im pretty sure they wanted to say "got rid of" :D
  7. ThoseStrangeClouds

    lights out for 24 hours f$&@

    As long as you get them back to a normal time cycle then you should be fine. People do it all the time just to check the sex of the plant.
  8. ThoseStrangeClouds

    tricomes color???

    More advanced Nute means your plants feeding from stronger sources. I use fox farm plus big bud nuts (0-40-12). Its all in what and how you feed em. also it can be strain dependent. your pretty far into flowering so i wouldn't try anything to drastic as in feed them some super nutes late...
  9. ThoseStrangeClouds


    Re: blooming;) Beautiful Colas brotha :D when it comes harvest time those are gonna look sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good :D
  10. ThoseStrangeClouds

    Early Girl strain :D

    as promised here are some flower pics of these strains. dank sauce :D
  11. ThoseStrangeClouds


    also a help :D
  12. ThoseStrangeClouds


    Im around week 6 on these, im looking for cloudyness of the trics
  13. ThoseStrangeClouds

    first time topping

    Go to a gardening store or hardware store and grab u some nice hand shears. I myself am a chef so i use kicthen shears :P
  14. ThoseStrangeClouds

    Hello Fellow Herbist!

    Its running on week 5 and the girls are keeping it great. still on the big bud nutes & fox farm nutes The trics are getting cloudier by the day. i was thinking of doing just pure ph'd water next week. heres some pics of them :D enjoy
  15. ThoseStrangeClouds


    Re: uppdatetime! Its awesome having a journal to compare times with it helps me keep track of mine :2bong:
  16. ThoseStrangeClouds

    would it work??

    Re: plants Looking awesome :D Whatcha feedin them :D
  17. ThoseStrangeClouds

    Harvest time :-)

    Whatttttttt looks Godly im lovein it. can't wait for post-cure shots :D Frosty nugs ahoy:bong:
  18. ThoseStrangeClouds

    Hello Fellow Herbist!

    :DUpdate: Hydro store trip went pretty well. picked up some new planters, more ph up&down, a nice little 60x to 100x scale microscope so i can look at the trics and there kushyness. also grabbed some gnat spray and so far its goin well. also picked up a new Mh bulb for next grows veg time...
  19. ThoseStrangeClouds

    Hello Fellow Herbist!

    Update: So I solved the humidy promblem but I still have gnats and they are anoyying. Imma head to the hydro store tommrow And idea on what I should get? In the mean while here's some bud shots Week 5 flower:
  20. ThoseStrangeClouds

    Outside soil mixes Ideas

    Re: soil :D Im loving alll of this info folks i appriciate it :D For my first outside grow i deiced to give the super soil a shot :D thanks alot family :D