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  1. ThoseStrangeClouds

    lollipop kush

    Been workin on this strain for two years now. She's a babe. Comments welcome
  2. ThoseStrangeClouds

    Buncha baby girls :D

    So i get off work from smelling like food to the arouma of a seirous killer smell. I open to take a look at my babies because it been a few day. I took my magnafiy glass to the tops to see beautiful sets of tricomes forming every where. Bud spots sproting out extra strong with beautiful stron...
  3. ThoseStrangeClouds

    The Infamous Raccoon

    So mid april i planned on starting a ten by ten garden. I live in an area where raccoons run a muck. Now if i build a 10x10x10 enforced chicken wire fence around my garden do you think they will still be able to destroy my crop
  4. ThoseStrangeClouds

    Veg glycerin hash oil!?

    So the other day a bud of mine turned me onto an posting i seen involving the system of the new "e-cigs" with hash oil filters. So that it acts as a vape on the go giving medical users complete decreet smoking in public. I got curious so i decided to combine about 3 grams of blonde iso hash...
  5. ThoseStrangeClouds

    Early Girl strain :D

    Grabbed a few clones from a buddy and grew them out for breeding. Early girl strain:baked: (King kush X Blue Dream)(On the left) Moe Thundra:bigboss: (Og Diesel X Bannana Kush)(on the right) only 4 weeks deep with them but so far they are beautiful blends :D Will post more pics in...
  6. ThoseStrangeClouds

    Outside soil mixes Ideas

    So towards the end of spring i planed on growing a nice concealed garden and was wondering if anyone and any good outdoor soil mixes for Indca\ sativa blend clones i have chlling from my indoor grow :baked: Its about a 10 x 10 garden. Layout: X X X X 0...
  7. ThoseStrangeClouds

    Hello Fellow Herbist!

    Hows everyone :D I seemed to stumble apon this site and so far i love it:D Im new to the world of growing. i've been researching and studying plant life for years just out of pure curiosity and now i've decided to give growing medical a swing. Im an advent smoker but i've always found my...