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    Problem: Yellowing plants earlier in flower

    Ok so this is my 4th or 5th grow and i have the same strains i have ran before with complete success and i had some of the lower leaves turning yellow early in flower i figured it was a lockout or me not feeding hard enough since it is my first grow under my 1000 hps. but i figured out it isnt a...
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    DWC How to Help First time dwc try

    I have decided to do one plant in a five gal dwc but have some questions. When i first put the clone in the hydro ton how low should it be in the net cup i think i got a 6 in netpot but also how high do i put the water just so its touching the hydroton or should i do it so its lower and not even...
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    2nd Run Of Melrot OG Kush and Devils tear 1 and First with Alien Abduction and C 99

    The Back left is the Alien Abduction and the back Right is Merlot OG Kush the front left is the Devils Tear 1 the other cut of it hermied so it got the chop im sure it was something i did just got the new area setup now its not the most ghetto thing ever the last one was made with a Comforter or...
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    New to useing Promix HP

    i just started the promix and everything was fine but after a little while the leaves that are new are curling up and are droopy i thin its from changing the ph cause someone on here told me to ph like hydro so i did and now i think i should have stayed the way it was my whole last grow but i...
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    problem One fingered leafs

    Ok i took clones of my merlot and devils tear and i just topped the plants for the first time and after i did that it started shooting one leafers is this just cause of the stress of topping and how come it dont do this when its seedlings? i topped 2 but one i did a little later so i dont know...
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    First time 2 Devils tear 1 Merlot OG Kush

    This is my first indoor grow with good genetics they have just over 2 weeks on the devils tear and about 3 on the merlot they did get a little nute burn cuz i used some 0-50-30 2 times in a row on top of my regular nutes
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    Curling or tacoing leaves on my OGG plants

    I have some leaves on my plants both the devils tear and the merlot have some leafs tacoing or curling up not sure what it is this my first indoor grow
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