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  1. koolace

    I have an opportunity and would like some input

    Sounds like a great opportunity... I would take it.....I wish you success peace....
  2. koolace

    carefull who you get your clones from

    To bad I had to go through this also My buddy gave me acouple of clones from the club they had the scurvy with them :fie:, I had my spider mites cherry busted.
  3. koolace

    DIY Foilar for Mites/Powdery Mildew and other nasty beasties

  4. koolace

    White Widow?

    Great info this was a great read!
  5. koolace

    White Widow Man's, Continuous Grow

    Just awsome Great job I really enjoyed your grow and the pics where amazing!!!
  6. koolace

    Looking for a strain...

    Hello and happy 4th of july! Im not sure but I think either sanniesseedshop or high grade seeds has it. Good luck!!!
  7. koolace

    Hey thanks for the welcome sorry i didnt respond sooner, Ive been in and out of the hospital...

    Hey thanks for the welcome sorry i didnt respond sooner, Ive been in and out of the hospital. Its good to see a neighbor on here Im from santa maria but i use to go visit a friend in boulder creek. I love that are. May you have a wonderful weekend! Peace...
  8. koolace

    Anyone work with colloidal silver?

    Your reply makes no sense! Please before you make a post to my thread, Make sure you know what and how colloidal silver is and used. Thankyou!!!!!:parr:
  9. koolace


    Much easier to do then to discuss,thanks fellas!
  10. koolace

    TGA/Subcool Strain Guide

    awsome thread and veri informative ! Thanks subcool~!
  11. koolace

    Super Soil 101

    This soil recipe is the bomb his results speak for themselves. Great read!
  12. koolace

    a couple of my outdoor experiments! FIM technique / LST

    I have used both tecs with great success, people should give it a try!
  13. koolace

    Tips for outdoor\indoor flushing

    Goofo fellas!
  14. koolace

    SantCruzMts Outdoor 2010

    Wow Hey good luck with your outdoor bro, looks like it will be awsome..
  15. koolace

    Anyone work with colloidal silver?

    Just wanted to get some info from anyone who has successfuly used this for breeding. Thanks!!
  16. koolace

    Breeding 101

    Great info This was some of the best info I have seen in a long time.Very very informative..
  17. koolace


    Intresting I would like to see what you come up with when your done with your project please keep me posted thanks and good luck!
  18. koolace

    Hola !!!From the central coast cali!!!!!

    Hello to everyone here. Im hoping to make some great friends and learn as much as I can from all you gifted growers.Hopefull I can meet some good people to network with who are close to me..Thanks to all those who have taken the time to read this.May the positive grow vibes find you all. Peace...
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