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Big move, Bigger climate change, Biggest Grow yet


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Dec 15, 2010
Hi everyone - ;)

It's been a while since visiting and a lots happened since. We moved from a San Diego studio apt (400 sf) where we used a 3x5x78 and a 2x3x60 for flower/veg respectively. We've now moved to western WA state in a 1400 sf house which allowed us to build a nice grow area in the basement.

Both size of grow and climate are big changes and we're a bit nervous going into this grow. Here's what we have, need opinions and advice if we need other stuff. Thanks as always for all the help, everyone here has been fantastic.

We made the room 6x9 and we have a 76" height clearance. We have a Radiant 6, a Sun 150 and a FloraLux 400 for lighting. We have a 4" can fan pulling in air from one window, going through the Radiant 6 and exhausted out another window. We have ducts for 2 exhausts but no other can fans, they are just open into the room. We have a floor standing fan which oscillates and will cover the room for a "breeze" effect. We just started using B-52 & sensi bloom nutes but had previously been using Botanicare.

We have plants being transplanted tomorrow into 3 gal pots which is what we flower in. They are currently 12-14" tall. We plan on putting them into flower when they reach about 20-22", sound about right? Another question on the height issue.. with only a 76-77" height clearance, should we be putting them into flower earlier so they don't grow as tall? Are we better off to top or not for same height restrictions?

I tried to post a few pics but when I clicked on "Manage Attachments" it brought me to a blank green screen, will work on that and try to get some up in the next few minutes.

Thank you - thank you- thank you!! We are so very appreciative of this site and the knowledge within..happy growing!! Suiteness
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