Dabbling with organics


Hey y'all, been a while since I've been on here. I'm running organic this time around in two cabinets. The first is my mother room/nursery, the second is my veg/flower room. The mother room runs 4 40w 48" T-12s with a computer fan for air movement. The plants in there are bagseed of unknown genetics "San Andreas" is what I have dubbed it since that's where I got the seeds, while the other is simply a mystery haha. I also have two Durban poison seeds germing in soil in hopes these will prove stronger than the others. Last but not least, I still have tons of seeds from my hermie so I have one of them in the veg/flower room on 18/6. Lighting in the flower room consists of two 42w cfls and two 23w cfls. Once the flower room is fully light sealed I'll switch to 12/12. As of now all three vegging plants have been FIMed and fed only bushdoctor microbe brew and non-sulphur molasses in black gold organic potting soil amended with compost and rabbit manure.