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If you could cross any 2 strains?


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Jun 27, 2009
OG has already been backcrossed I'm sure, maybe not that many times but from what I know it takes a while to get them stable


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Dec 29, 2010
If i had the room/setup to breed i wouldn't start with Two hybrids. In my opinion that would be given too much variation. So i would Pick One Pure Breed Indica and One Pure Breed Sativa. I Personally like the sativa mind set so i would go with the Female sativa and male indica. then start crossing to make the right blend for me. For my two choices i would have to go with... Sativa female Mama Thia, large productive potent (22%) Pure Sativa. she has a long flower time i would hope to get rid of. For the other i would have to go with Hash Passion (Pure Moroccan), the females are potent (18%). The Moroccan stain is known for it hash making properties, and the plant has good vigor. Mama Thia X Hash Passion = Thia's Passion. i would hope to get a plant with good vigor and stature with a good potency (20%) then cross back with the mother adding more sativa and her traits to the plants.
in my research i found this list to go off when looking for breeders, please give inputs on it.
For a female:
1) Resistance to hermaphrodism
2) Vigor/Yield
3) Potency
4) Flavor
5) Rate of flowering response
6) Resin Production
7) Stature
8) Scent
9) Floral Structure
10) Floral Color

And for a male:
1) resistance to hermaphrodism
2) Vigor
3) Stature
4) Maturation Rate
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