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Russet Mites: Distant Early Warning from Resonant1


HC Member
Nov 16, 2011
Ok, so this is a thread to discuss what seems to be becoming epidemic. There is a lot of hearsay, rumor, and fear going around. It seems people react to the Russet Mite with the same hysteria that a bad case of Spider Mites can bring. We all know how that feels, however...

These fuckers seem to be the real deal nightmare. I haven't experienced them directly, but I was in Colorado last week and my other facility has been attacked really, really badly. I have a feeling all of our mothers are going down. So here is what I have learned, and others please post your experience.

First of all, it looks like nute-burn, and leaves burn up and rust. Get out the scope if you see this, especially if you aren't doing anything with your nutes. Then it gets worse and it looks like an aggressive case of Powdery Mildew, but it looks gold or tan. If you see this and upward leaf curl, seriously pray to Lord Jesus you just over-nuted.

But its probably not that, its probably Russet Mites.

I am an all organic guy, so I will list the solutions I have heard success with:

-No Spider Mites (definite knock-down, possible repellent)
-OG Bio War foliar pack, made to tea for best effect
-Ed Rosenthal's Zero Tolerance
-Mighty Wash (atomizer bomb the whole room for max effect)

Having said that, know that even hardcore organic growers, and veteran salts growers are still being hit hard. Cmon HC, let's get ahead of this thing!!! And pray for me, I might have brought them home. These fucking things can sometimes travel on seed!!!!
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