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wore out my hemos


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Feb 4, 2012
smoked my first doobie 40 some year ago. about thirty year ago my buddy swiped a bunch of hemostats while in hospital with hepatitis. he gave me a couple and all these years later i've still got one . but to my amazement their wearing out . now these things have seen a mountain of doobies and have served me well but it really sucks to have a joint hangin off your lip . i know the truest puffers would say fuck em throw them away and buy a pipe , preferably glass but theres something to be said for tradition , and i do roll a damn fine joint . i'm thinkin maybe a place of honor in the tackle box bein as dan'l was my fishin buddy and he swiped em to begin with . and shit with this internet thing .
[ you can get anything you want ] ceptin alice :cool:
peace love get high
happy holidays
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